Catering Services From MadhapurCatering Services From Madhapur

Catering Services From Madhapur

Catering Services From Madhapur

At Hyderabad Catering Services, we're experts when it comes to catering for weddings, special events and corporate functions. Our catering menu includes traditional Hyderabadi Dishes, Mouth-watering Mughlai Dishes and Continental Food asd well.

Whether your special occasion is for ten guests or hundreds or thousands, we can help you design your perfect budget-friendly menu and have it ready for pick up when you need it.

There is a wide range of tasty dishes to chose from with starters, mains, desserts and drinks. The menu also includes a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Not only do we provide the catering but we also have our very own Event Organiser who will sort out all your planning, whilst you can sit back and enjoy the day knowing that we have your day covered!

So come and talk to us and discuss what you would like for your big day!
Catering Services From Hyderabad


Different occasions would usually have different requirements. So the first thing that you need to know before choosing a catering service is what should be on the menu. Some events will require a special team of caterers who are capable of preparing any types of food.


When looking for a caterer, you need to look for someone who is willing to customize  their work this will provide you a breathing space for more options. Choosing a  Our Best caterer who only offers services that are strictly limited to their flyers may not be a recommendable option especially when you have different ideas in mind.
we give  Good Service to our customer  and  support to choose option for our customer what they may like  we give flexibility in our catering service
Catering Services From Hyderabad


As far as preparedness is concerned. Always put your budget ahead. One thing that you need to remember here is that bargaining isn’t bad. In fact, some caterer will be more than happy to give you a discount. You should however not forget the fact that you will get what you paid for.


We give  a good quality  food  and delicious food for your any packages  that you have choosen from catering website we are  there  to help you for your for any  services. Now this is the center of the whole ordeal. A good caterer should be in a better position to give you quality food and services. You can find this by visiting the Hyderabad caterering  website and reading the reviews that might be present on the website. If they have no websites, then you can ask someone maybe a friend or those who have used their services and asked them about the quality of the foods and work that they provide.
Catering Services From Madhapur     Catering Services From Madhapur
Catering Services From Madhapur    Catering Services From Madhapur

Catering Dishes Of Veg and Non Veg


• Chicken Corn Soup • Chicken Hot and Sour Soup • Chicken Noodle Soup • Chicken Clear Soup • Mutton Corn Soup • Mutton Hot and Sour Soup • Mutton Clear Soup • Prawns Corn Soup • Prawns Hot & Sour Soup • Veg Corn Soup • Veg Hot and Sour Soup
• Dal Fry • Butter Dal Fry • Dal Mughlai • Dal Makhani • Paneer Butter Masala • Shahi Paneer • Kaju Paneer • Palak Paneer • Mixed Veg Curry • Navratna Korma • Green Peas Masala • Aaloo Gobi • Green Peas Paneer • Veg Manchuria Dry / Wet • Paneer Manchuria • Baghara Rice • Zeera Rice • Plain Rice • Gobi 65 • Veg Jaipuri • Veg Kofta • Saag Puri • Palak Paneer • Tarkari ki Biryani • Kabab
• Special Mix Kabab • Tandoori Chicken • Tangdi Kabab • Chicken Tikka Kabab • Shaami Kabab • Reshmi Kabab (Chicken) • Kalami Kabab • Chicken Rashmi Kabab • Kofta Veg / NonVeg
• Veg Fried Rice • Chicken Fried Rice • Chinese Chopsy • Zeera Fried Rice • Prawns Fried Rice • Fish Fried Rice • Mutton Soft Noodles • Chicken Soft Noodles • American Chopsy
• Plain Naan • Butter Naan • Stuffed Paratha • Plain Paratha • Butter Paratha • Aaloo Paratha • Paneer Paratha • Gobi Paratha • Kulcha • Masala Kulcha • Rumali Roti • Biryani
• Zafrani Biryani • Chicken Biryani • Mutton Biryani • Mutton Biryani (Boneless) • Prawns Biryani • Fish Biryani • Vegetable Biryani • Chicken Tikka Biryani • Tangdi Kabab Biryani • Reshmi Kabab Biryani • WE USE POTLA MUTTON
• Apollo Mutton • Mutton Fry Dry • Mutton 65 Dry • Paper Mutton • Mutton Majestic • Mutton Manchuria Dry/wet • Chilly Mutton Dry/wet • Button Mutton • Lamb Roast • Dum ka Mutton • Mutton Kadai • Mutton Mughlai • Mutton Curry • Mutton Masala • Mutton Khandhri • Mutton Shahjahani • Mutton Aashiyana • Mutton Malai • Mutton Methi • Mutton Garlic • Mutton Andhra • Mutton Punjabi • Mutton Yoga • Ginger Mutton • Mutton Haleem • WE USE POTLA MUTTON
• Apollo Fish Dry • Fish Manchuria Dry • Ginger Fish Dry • Fish Magestic • Chilly Fish • Pepper Fish • Fish Kadai • Butter Fish • Fish Masala • Fish Manchuria • Fish Korma
• Apollo Chicken Dry • Chicken Majestic Dry • Chicken Pakoda Dry • Paper Chikern Dry • Chicken Yoga Dry • Chicken 65 Dry • Chicken Manchuria Dry/Wet • Chicken Chilly • Butter Chicken Boneless • Chicken Shahi Korma Boneless • Chicken Shahjahani Boneless • Chicken Khandari Boneless • Dum ka Chicken • Chicken Afghani • Chicken Mughlai • Chicken Dopyaza • Chicken Kadai • Chicken Tikka Masala • Chicken Stick • Chicken Spring Roll / Veg Roll • Chicken Curry • Tandoori Chicken Masala • Chicken Nauratna Korma • Chicken Andhra • Chicken Malai • Chicken Garlic • Chicken Punjabi • Chicken Haleem • Chicken Lollypop • Lagan ka Murgh • Marag • Mutton
• Russian Salad • Pasta-Salad • Yummy Potato-Salad • Fish Magestic • Corn-Salad • Cucumber-Salad • Dahi ka Raitha • Tomato Salad • Cabbage Salad • Radish Salad • Lemon Salad • Spinach Salad • Carrot Salad • Fruit Salad
• Idly • Wada • Sambhar • Dosa • Chat masala • Pani Puri • Dahi Puri • Daal Fry
• Qurbani Sabit / Ice Cream • Khubani Ka Meetha • Kaddu ki Kheer • Double ka Meetha • Kashmiri Rabdi • Surface Pudding (Cake) • Shimla Rabdi • Gajar ka Meetha • Chawal ka Meetha • Fruit Salad • Fruit Juice
• Cold Drinks • Paan • Tea • Coffee • Sugar Candy • Confectioneries • Popcorn
• Cold Drinks • Paan • Tea • Coffee • Sugar Candy • Confectioneries • Popcorn